Support with Property Acquisition

How Can We Support You?


Not many real estate companies in Switzerland are experienced in acting as a buyer's agent. We are.


This is how we would typically support you in the buying process:

  • Assess your real estate needs in general, find out what kind of property you are looking for
  • Identify suitable properties in the listings and look for others not listed
  • Propose a first selection of options and let you choose the ones you like
  • Agent pre-visits the chosen properties and lets you have an in-depth look at them
  • Agent checks all property relevant documents for these properties
  • Agent procures value estimates for the ones you would like to visit
  • Your first visit: Tour the shortlisted properties – plus a visit to the bank (if it has not happened yet)
  • Awaiting your decision – if none of the properties was right, start over
  • Conclude negotiations with the seller and complete reservation
  • Your second visit: Appointment with the bank for the mortgage papers (& visit the property again if you wish)
  • Check the draft of the sales contract and arrange meeting with the notary
  • Your third visit: Sign the contract with the notary and receive the property keys – congratulation

Depending on your personal needs we can arrange more or less visits. It is up to you and us to find out which way is the best.



Additional services may include:

  • Introduce a tax advisor
  • Introduce an architect for new development or alterations
  • Introduce an interior designer or furnishing specialist
  • Introduce professional service providers for management, housekeeping, gardening, etc.
  • Cater for any other real estate needs of yours


Whatever your requirements are, we strive to fulfil them with passion and excellence.


We are specialized in real estate, so if your needs include or require other services, we may introduce other specialists to ensure a perfect outcome.